Giuliano Cappelletti

Graduated in industrial design at the Polytechnic of Milan with Raffaella Crespi, known as "The custodian of Italian design", Livio Ballabio grown influenced by the pleasure of furniture, showing immediately a special attitude for experimentation and creativity.

At the beginning of his career he started several partnerships, among which the one with Cappellini International and Mondo Srl.

Today, Livio Ballabio is CEO and creative director of some of the most important companies in the sector, with over 100 professionals from different backgrounds - decorators, sculptors, artisans - who work for and with him.

Giuliano Cappelletti graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Milan.

In 1970 he founded his first studio and in 2008 he continued his career as Studio Cappelletti Architetti.

In 2012 his son Gabriele joined the team after graduating in Milan and after various experiences in Italian and international studies.

A year later Giuliano also opened a studio in Shanghai that deals with the development of architecture and interior design projects.


Great personality that influences the entire Design field.

Founder and Director of the GID International Design. Head of the Chinese District of Singapore FW International Design. Deputy Secretary General of Asia Pacific Hotel Association.

The first Designer of the Dream Reformer on Dragon TV.


Alessandra Bisi

Alessandra Bisi was born in Milan in 1965.

He attended the Art High School and then graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (Milan).

She travelled a lot to learn about other cultures (India, Indonesia, Africa, Middle East, Central America)

Her work will often bring back memories and impressions absorbed in these experiences.



Gianni Borta was born in Udine in 1941.

He is considered a protagonist of what is now known as naturalistic art.

He has participated in 850 exhibitions in Italy and abroad, achieving 220 statements between national and international awards. He realizes numerous works of art in public buildings.

Remarkable activity also as a graphic designer, illustrator of books, posters and magazines.



Davide Frigerio was born in 1966 in Cantù.

He attended classical high school and graduated in ancient literature, he has always had a strong passion for art.

In fact, for three years he attended the higher drawing courses, winning the first prize for the best work of the course for three consecutive years.


Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth

Wolfgang Alexander Kossuth was born in Pfronten (Germany) in 1947.

Painter, sculptor, violinist and conductor, he dedicates his entire life to art, mixing his passion for music with his passion for the visual arts.

The discipline that allows him to express himself with greater emphasis is sculpture. The human figure is always at the center of his compositions.

Anatomical studies, rendering of movement, classical beauty blends with unlikely balances.



Bruno Lucchi was born in Levico Terme in 1951.

He studied at the Trento Institute of Art completing his studies at the Magisterium of Fine Arts in Urbino.

The earth has always been the material from which its figures are born, which with the fire ritual transforms into terracotta in his atelier, then become bronzes and porcelains. Recently his research has also embraced new materials.

He also engages in the construction of huge installations and mosaics.



Alma Mauri was born in Como in 1980.
She graduated from Marangoni Institute in Milan as a fashion designer.

After her studies she decides to explore her attitude through pictorial work.

She dedicates herself to intense research, deepening the study of colour and manual technique.

She is convinced that art is the most intimate language of perception of herself and of the world and that it cannot have absolute limits or definitions.


Maria Ignatiou Shiakalli

Maria Ignatiou Shiakalli was born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1970.
She left Cyprus in1988 for her studies in Fine Art in the USA winning all the annual academic scholarships at Barton University, Wilson, NC, all the annual foreign student scholarships and also winning the annual Caldwell Scholarships.

In 1998, Co-founded Kivotos Luxury Lifestyle which specializes in interior design and art consultation, representing well-known luxurious brands of furniture and lighting such as Versace Home, Barovier and Toso.

Maria Ignatiou Shiakalli art works have been bought by private collectors, ambassadors and government officials for their residences in Cyprus, England, Greece and the USA. They are also in private collections belonging to the Royal family of Bahrain as well as in the Zambellas Art Museum, Cyprus, Art Prive Art Gallery, Cyprus and other prestigious establishments.






Kyoji Nagatani was born in Tokyo in 1950.
He graduated from the University of the Arts in Tokyo and at the Higher Institute of Research of the State University of Fine Arts in the Japanese capital.

In 1976 he obtained the Diploma in the specialization of bronze casting.
He won a scholarship that allowed him, in 1984, to graduate from the Brera Academy.

Nagatani's sculptures have the ability to appear as limited parts compared to a reality of time and space evoked by the artist.

In the expressive forms of Nagatani the emotional condition of the observer becomes part of the work itself.



Marcello Pietrantoni was born in Brescia in 1934.

Throughout his life he has combined the architectural profession with research that has made use of the most diverse materials, including bronze sculptures.

The bronzes allow him to investigate the human body, the archetypes, the myths that, along with time, permeate his creative activity.

The reflection on time, on a time that he postulates different from ours and that inhabits his sculptures, takes into account the ancient comparison between immobile time and chronological time.



Gianmaria Potenza was born in 1936 in Venice.
He attended the Venice Institute of Art.

He soon opened his own studio where he practiced different forms of art: sculpture, painting and mosaic.

His fame as a whimsical and refined creator of forms widens to the point where he receives commissions for the decoration of ships, hotels and public buildings.

In 1968 he founded La Murrina, designing objects and elements for lighting and furnishing.


Massimo Scolari

Massimo Scolari was born in 1943 in Novi Ligure.
He graduates in architecture in Milan in 1969.

In 1973 he started teaching History of Architecture in Palermo and History and Technique of Drawing at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia.

Between 1975 and 2012 he was Visiting Professor in various universities among which: Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies N.Y., Technische Universität Wien, Harvard University and Yale School of Architecture.

In 2014 he was the recipient of the Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture, awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Letters in New York.



Pier Toffoletti was born in 1957 in Udine.
He graduated from the artistic high school.

Pier's passion for art began when he was very young, and soon he devoted himself completely to painting.

Pier feels the need to recreate natural surfaces like slabs of rough stone crossed by signs and graffiti.

It is difficult to bring together classical figures and rough surfaces, but he combines them as they are part of his story.